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 Future Husband

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PostSubject: Future Husband   Future Husband EmptyFri Aug 30, 2013 5:58 am

Salam Brothers and Sisters,
Please, if it isn't much to ask, pray for my mother that Allah (swt) sends her a loving, caring husband who will support her through her life and help her stay on the path of good. Her last two marriages have gone down hill, but I cannot say that there hasn't come any good from them. In the first marriage with my father, Allah (swt) blessed her with four healthy kids, and in the second, happiness (alhamdullallah). But recently, she has gotten a bit discouraged, for it has been long since her last marriage and I try my best to keep her faith strong. I pray for her every time because I really just want to see my mother happy. With our bad situation and all, my mother has fought hard to keep our bellies full and clothes on our bodies. She has taken care of us so much that she rarely has much time for herself. Being a single mom with four kids is hard, and I know sometimes when she admits she's happy, she really isnt. I cannot help but think that there must be a reason for the wait, that soon inshallah Allah (swt) will send her a good husband, but I know the extra prayers will help a lot. Thank you, ma'salama
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Future Husband
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